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Important note

On account of the new situation of health emergency and the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain as well as in accordance with our belief in everyone’s commitment to avoid more infections and a higher spread of the COVID-19, this company has adopted the following measures, which will be applied at least for this week:

–      All production activity will be discontinued in order to protect the health of the employees. This measure will be re-evaluated at the end of this week based on the development of events.

–      Likewise, all visits to our facilities will be cancelled until further notice.

–      Administrative department will continue working as usual, but the activity will be adapted to the new health recommendations.

Our company appreciates the contribution and the effort that employees, customers, suppliers and general population are making in order to mitigate the harm caused by this health crisis. Furthermore, we apologize for any inconveniente and we reaffirm our commitment to apply the new regulations to figth this health emergency. We hope this situation can be resolved as soon as possible in order to return to normality.

Crisax, decorate your business.

Crisax, decorate your business.

Here you can see how versatile and functional the CRISAX anonized chain curtain can be, both for home and business.

The loyalty of our customers makes us more aware of the importance of being satisfied with the work we do.

First we did it in Orihuela, and now in Murcia.