Products to make curtains

We also provide boxes with all our catalogue of products of pvc strips, cords and tubes to make curtains.

It is also possible to buy our products for curtains separately. This includes the aluminium headpiece, which is available in gold, silver, white and brown colours; the different combs that serve to assemble the pvc cords and/or tubes; the double-sided tape for the pvc strip curtains and the corner pieces for the protection of the headpiece.

Headpieces for pvc strips and cords curtains:

Available colours: gold, silver, white and
*Approximate colours.

Double-sided tape for strip curtains:


Corner pieces:

Combs for cord curtains:

*Combs for each type of cord curtains:

Step 145: Rizado fino, Multicolor rizado.

Step 145/a: Multicolor ola.

Step 135: Ebro.

Step 110: Rizado grueso, Perla.

Step 90/a: Muelle, Estrella.

Step 90: Especial.